domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

Helpless Flames

As I open my eyes and see
Red flames pouring down on me
Consuming me in a ball of heat,
Destroying my empire of cold and freeze

My fortress has been melt down,
And so has my heart
It flourishes over the red dawn
That I see in your soul.

Free me from this,
I don’t want to get on the same road I did
Leave me out from your fire reign.
Let the darkness embrace me once and for all, I plead.

Your love is my ascension
And your love is my demise.
My demise is my inside revolution,
My ascension is my weakness

And here I am, once again
Fooling myself in pretend sadness
And all I can hear is you saying:
“I love you” – I bid, let me love you too
And help you out from your helpless place

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